Where to Shop for Cheap Clothes Online


If there is one thing that we should all be thankful of for the advent of the internet, it would have to be online shopping. Who could ever imagine the possibility of being able to check out Valentino’s latest collections or Hermes’ latest pieces anytime, anywhere just by tapping on your keyboard? Nevertheless, never mind the labels because not all of us can afford all these luxuries, but did you know that you can look superbly stylish even without these labels? Yep, there are a lot of online sites that you can shop for cheap clothes and here they are:

Amazon.com – You have probably heard this site for the last 5 years, but I bet it was just all about their long list of availability of books at that time. Well, it’s good to know that Amazon’s not just into books now as they are also into apparels, too – designer apparels. It also got a long list of designer clothing that is heavily discounted. Collections from Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, and more are in the site, giving you choices from striped to plain tops to miniskirts or to wrap around dresses at prices that are at least 30%-70% off from the original tag.

forever21.com – There is no doubt that forever21 is a haven for shopaholics. It has a long list of trendy items at super low prices. While there may also be great finds in their store, online shopping at forever21 is just plain godsend. Whether you’re looking for distressed denim shorts, cardigans, skater skirt, metal accessories, cutout dresses, and other trendy items, forever21.com has the right items for you starting at $5. Did I just mention that they are having promos on their cami starting at $1.80?

fashionjunkee.com – Are you looking for a clothing site that does not only sell gorgeous and cheap apparels, but also gives advices, too? You’ve come to the right place at fashionjunkee.com because it’s got all the pieces you need from bridal showers to wedding events; denims and jeans, babies and kids; swimwear and intimate apparels; handbags; dresses; and even Halloween costumes. It also takes pride of its fashion under $50 page and it can practically help you pick the right pieces if you want to look ala Kate Middleton in a gala event or Jessica Alba dropping off her kid to school.

topshop.com – Face the fact; topshop is one of the most renowned sellers of cheap, yet gorgeous high quality items all over the world. It has a variety of clothing styles to choose from that suits every woman’s needs and preferences. It started in UK which then infected all the rest of the world. Who could ever resist stylish clothing for less than a hundred bucks anyway?

Fashion Trends for Summer 2013


Summer is here again, and as usual it is characterized by echoing fashion trends. The fashion designers, who seem to work well in winter and spring, finally have unleashed their 2013 summer fashion statements. Women especially can’t wait to lay their hands on this year’s fashion trends. Among the most surprising summer 2013 fashion trends to hit the runway must be denims! You remember how they were trending in the 90′s? Green, which symbolizes recovery, health and wealth, also gets a vacancy among the top summer fashion trends this year as a special occasional dress.

Here is a comprehensive list of what is hot and trending this 2013 summer:

Stripes: The short stripes dresses come closer in look and feel to prom camo dresses. This summer, femininity is being celebrated with these stripe dresses that are available either in horizontal or vertical colored stripes. Choose dress colors that complement your skin tone and accessorize accordingly to complete the look.

Black and White Print Dresses: It is not clear whether the fashion industry has gotten exhausted of strong color dresses, colr-block and neon shades that made an impact last year. One thing is clear, though. Black and white print party dresses are coming on strongly as a fashion statement this 2013 summer. It is hard to ignore the simplistic charm that black and white exudes to women who know how to use makeup to bring out their allure.

Green Dresses: Who thought that the color green would ever find its way into the fashion runways! But that is what makes 2013 different. Emerald green dresses are the color to choose if you want to remain in sync with the rest of the fashion world. Green dresses have especially been noted as a good wear for special occasional dresses.

Denim Creations: They are hot and trending again! This style that was popularized back in the 90′s has come knocking through the doors of fashion again. Denim jackets, shirts and shorts are the casual fashion look for the 2013 summer. If you had some locked in the closet from the 90′s, it is the high time you fished them out.

Slits on the front: Do you have great tan on your legs that you have been dying to show? Grab one of the trending maxi, mini or midi dresses that have a spectacular slit on the front.

Half Sleeves and Short Sleeves: Summer is known for its tanning sunlight, and nothing is better suited to flaunt your skin tan than dresses with half sleeves or short sleeves. Not surprisingly, the half sleeves keep trending as fashion statements every summer. They make for good party dresses as they are well ventilated to keep you cool even in the overbearing summer heat.

There are a lot of other small and big time fashion trends this summer. Shop online to find what pleases you and make yourself count as one of the fashion trendsetters this summer!

Selecting an Ideal Make-up for Graduation

Graduation MakeupWe are now in the month of finishing our schooling and thus, for the graduating students all over the world, graduating month seems to be the most exciting months and moment for their lives. In this case, it would be expected that teenagers whom will be graduating their junior studies will make their early preparation. For boys, most of them will now look for the coat and tie to wear. For women, looking for a casual dress along the best make-up must be their main concern.

When it comes to that, there is lots of make-up styles that you can make use of. You can also opt to consult the expertise of some make-up artists if you really wish to look good for your upcoming graduation. Aside from that, you can also learn putting a make-up your own. There are also some guides online which you can read and practice the application of it at the same time. When doing a make-up, there are also options that you can make; whether to out it heavy or light.

Here are some of the details I can share you in putting up a make-up for graduation celebrations.


  1. Choose a lighter eye shadow. You have to remember first that you are going to attend a graduation ceremony and not a prom night. Thus, this means to say that you have to put on a lighter make-up compared to those make-up styles that you had been used to have during social gatherings. You can also choose the desired color of the eye shadow and most of the time; this must be related with the color of your graduation dress. However, keep in mind that any color of eye shadow make-up is ideal as long as it remains lighter especially for graduations held during day time.

  2. Always put on some face foundation. Before putting any make up on, you have to bear in mind that your face has to be fair and smooth. In that case, you have to make use of some face foundation and choosing the liquid one would be perfect. This will help your face looks more even and smooth. Thus, putting other sorts of make-up will become easier and more captivating.

  3. Make use of light blush on. For graduation make-up, make sure not to forget putting some blush on in your face. It may come into pinkish like or orange and it depends on your skin complexion.